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Normal SMTP operation

Author:black - Mon Mar 24 10:10:52 2003

open connection to SMTP server (telnet smtp.foo.dns 25)
--smtp start--
MAIL FROM:<dude@myserver.dk>
RCPT TO:<dude1@yourserver1.dk>
RCPT TO:<dude2@yourserver2.dk>
write the entire mail here
remember, this mail doesn't got a header
which usually contains sender info and topic
end the conversation with a single dot on a line
after that you would probably like to close the connection
do that with a simple 'QUIT'...
--smtp stop--

that's it!

a normal header for the mail could look like this:
--header start--
Delivered-To: reciever@domain.foo
Subject: subject
Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2003 11:14:55 +0100
From: "users real name" <user@smtp.foo>
To: <reciever@domain.foo>
Cc: <carboncopy@domain.foo>
--header stop--
but don't rely on it
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